Rural Tourism – Small Immersive Experiences


With small and charming corners, Portugal, invites to rest. A natural beauty that invites us to know the cozy corners of our roots. Portugal invites tourism not only in major centers Lisbon, Porto and Faro, but also to rural breaks – rural tourism. Which are inspired by sustainability, balance and a naturally special nature.

The focus of rural tourism in Portugal is the people, not only those who visit us, but also those who help us to promote this noble service of sharing a piece of our land with the foreigner.

Foreign this that quickly feels and realizes the added value behind these quiet nooks – that sympathy that leaves saudade (nostalgia).

Our promise as a “heatplace of Europe” is that here the tourist will find

a destination to visit, invest, live and study. An inclusive, open, and technological country that is positioned as a specialized hub for tourism.

This Tourism is thought from people to people, with so many stories to tell about portraits of “seas never before navigated … in dangers and hardworking wars” that with the taste of good wines and excellent recipes, these tales are recited and shared, portraits that make our culture and that expose our saudade (nostalgia). A promise of an authentic and amazing country.

From the inside, find historical villages or remote villages, dare to climb and go down mountains or to know a huge variety of natural parks.

– PortugalTrails

Experiences of Rural Tourism

The experiences of rural tourism are unique, true, with their own identity, an identity that is made up of local cultural traditions and patterns that result in an exclusive experience. There are no equal places, with equal stories. There are unique places with rails, ponds and unique stories. They are natural monuments, which transform with time, climate, light and erosion. Pieces of a paradise in constant change, from where each one will be able to pick up the fruits that more appreciate and to seed the best they have to give.

Such a wealth of places in 2016 brought a leverage in the rural tourism sector in Portugal, which led Portugal in 2017 to draw a Tourist contemplation strategy towards 2027. In 2017, this small portal in Europe benefited from many

positive recommendations that were published in international media. 2018 kicks off with one more positive recommendation, this time from one of the most relevant North American televisions. (…) CBS highlighted Portugal with one of the main recommendations for tourist destination this year. 

And so starts, in 2018, this small craft, in an impulsive act, towards the discovery of a new dimension, this time will be a journey to its inside (hinterland), by lands never before ‘navigated’, with a promise of unique sensory stimuli near the rivers, among the mountains, ending in fertile fields in diversity. Portugal will live up to its warm and friendly personality, with the promise of an even more noble inside beauty!

Casas de Massinos

Turismo-Rural-Casas-de-Massinos rural tourism

Casas de Massinos located in the village of Barroselas, just 16 km from Viana do Castelo, are part of a piece of land worthy of a pause in time, with a view to contemplating the best that surrounds them. A promise of silence to the sound of a perfect symphony of nature, composed with high notes in the form of mountains, refrains in the form of an echo that vanishes through the valleys, sopranos that shake the leaves of the trees between rows written in pieces of stones harmonically organized. A melody that is reflected in crystalline and sparkling waters, which invite any visitor to an immersive experience.

A promise of rural tourism replete with unique “sensory stimuli.” We wait for you in this piece of paradise, which you will only find in Portugal.

Chapels, bridges, ponds and water-mills – Barroselas – Rural Tourism


Casas de Massinos are located in the village of Barroselas (former parish of Capareiros), just 16 km from Viana do Castelo, are set in a rural area with an outdoor pool and stunning views of the mountains.

Viana do Castelo has unparalleled natural beauty and one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the world. The sea, the river and the mountain form three natural axes that are at the base of its identity and make up idyllic scenarios for those who are enchanted by its natural beauty. Along the coast by the sea, on the banks of the legendary river Lima or by lush mountains, there are paths that tell you step by step the origins of this magnificent territory. Are footprints left by history as ancient people who inhabited this territory, from pre-history to the modern age.


Barroselas is a Portuguese town of Viana do Castelo (since January 4, 1837), which extends from the Neiva River to the highest points of the Serra da Padela, with about 790 hectares, 3,919 inhabitants (I.N.E. 2011).

The parish has monumental, landscape, ecological and cultural heritage to visit, among which:

  • the Parish Church;
  • the Church of the Seminary;
  • the Chapel of S. Sebastião (dating back to 1582, is the oldest of the land, of the eight in it);
  • and the Largo S. Sebastião;
  • the building of the Railway Station that transports us to 1874;
  • the Cross (consisting of four steps, a pedestal and a worked shaft and, at the top, a cross of Christ);
  • the Romanesque Bridges (Ribeiro Bridge of the Magi, in Alvas, which has a Romanesque style, and has been classified since 1990 as “Municipal Value”);
  • the beauties, ponds and riverine mills of the river Neiva;
  • and the peaceful river beaches of Vale and Foz.

In the place of Boticas, there is a bridge that dates back to medieval times, the bridge of Lourido and Azenha das Pesqueiras can be used to enjoy the beautiful setting provided by the watermill, weir and bridge, an appealing place for picnics and baths.

Among others, we can highlight: the Picnic park, Tregosa Bridge, Azenha das Passadoiras, Azenha da Caneira, Azenha de Berre and its river beach, Engenho da Foz and Engenho da Lage.

Along the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, with a superb view over the village of Barroselas, Mujães and Carvoeiro, as well as the entire valley of Neiva.

– Vianatrilhos

PR 11 – Rail of the Village of Barroselas

Lat 41º38’51.21’’N | Lon 08º42’04.60’’W, are the ideal coordinates for those who like to walk through nature (hiking trails):

Foot to foot, which lead the walker to meet himself, through the relationship with nature and idiosyncrasies of the local communities.

They are paths, always with people.

People known for their sympathy and generosity, who can show us the right path to reach a water mill, and poll or a waterfall.

To the south, Barroselas establishes territorial limits with the municipality of Barcelos. To the North, with the Viana parishes of Mujães and Vila de Punhe. The East, with the Parish of Carvoeiro and the West with the parish of Alvarães. 24 km from Braga and 40 km from Guimarães.

The nearest airport is Porto Airport, 46 km away.

Who loves comes. Lovers stay.